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Hey there!

Thanks for stopping by! Iā€™m Savannah or Sav for short šŸ˜Š I am a tiny but mighty girl who loves travel, ice cream, and being creative any way I can. Most days you can find me editing pictures or writing about my adventures on SaltWaterVibes. People often refer to me as bubbly girl because I seem to always have a smile platers on my face!

I love serving the world by giving people the beautiful images they always dreamed of. I believe in capturing the true memory of a moment and want to share that with as many people as possible. I am so passionate about giving back to others and helping to leave this world a better place.  I aspire to see the world and its people through my lens. I have always felt comfort having a camera with me, and being able to document the true memory of a moment. I started my photography journey shooting for my website saltwatervibes.com. Now I have expanded my eye to see the best moments in all people. 

When I am not busy working on my business, I love to hang out with lover boy Rashawn and plan trips - even if it is just a dream :) We are currently ticking some US States off our list. But while in-between trips we call Colorado home and love to explore this beautiful state.

You still here? Awesome - lets connect! I would love to book a photoshoot with you or become virtual friends on Instagram!  

Currently shooting:

Colorado 2018

Current 2018 Travel Shoot Bookings:

Chicago Oct. 20 - Oct. 24
Alabama Nov. 17 - 19
South Carolina Nov. 20 - 25
Tennessee Dec. 22 - 25
Florida Dec. 25 - Jan. 02 2019